Around our company there are thousands of acres of arable land. With the organization of production teams, we have always been able to have fresh fruits and vegetables checked by experienced professional producers and agronomists with consistent and responsible quality and consumer.



The packaging is made according to the product's specificity and customer preferences. The products are packed in privately owned facilities with modern machinery and storage areas, which meet all the requirements of storage and hygiene. The result is the good condition of the product at loading.



Our company trades products with neighboring countries but its aim and prospect is to increase the productivity of its products and to develop its network throughout Europe with a central focus on offering top quality products from European shopping chains to the consumer's table.


Welcome to Alfafruits


Our company’s main area of activity is the trade and export of fruit. However, to maintain our position at the top of this chain of activity, we pay special attention to the quality of our products.
As our philosophy requires perfection, we try to keep quality very high on our list of priorities. The objective of the quality assurance programme is to offer assurance to everyone involved with the company that all our products meet the requirements of international standards.

Quality Control in Pre-selection of Unprocessed Fruit
Quality control for the final Choice of Unprocessed Fruits
Quality Control for Sorting
Quality Control for Storage